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RV1.25-5.5 Ring Terminals Electrical Crimp Connector Kit Set With Box Copper Wire Insulated Cord Pin End Butt kit 102Pcs/Box

  • Manufacturer: Seektronics
  • Part No.: 500048
  • SKU 500048

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Product Name: Ring Crimp Terminals Electrical Wire Cable Connector


Type: Ring Crimp Terminal

Comes with a transparent box with compartments for easy store and carry.

The insulated ring terminal is easy to connect with electrical wire to strengthen its reliability and safety.

Used widely in the machine, electric power, home appliance, computer or other automatic equipment's.


The products include:

RV1.25-3 Red 20Pcs

RV1.25-4 Red 20Pcs

RV1.25-5 Red 20Pcs

RV2-5 Blue 10Pcs

RV2-6 Blue 10Pcs

RV3.5-4 Black 5Pcs

RV3.5-5 Black 5Pcs

RV5.5-4 Yellow 5Pcs

RV5.5-6 Yellow 5Pcs

RV5.5-8 Yellow 2Pcs


Total: 102Pcs Insulated Cold pressed Terminal Set