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Quick Wiring CH-2 250v Anti-Flaming Press Type Terminal Connector for Electric Connection Adapter led light 55pcs/1box

  • Manufacturer: Seektronics
  • Part No.: 500047
  • SKU 500047

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It is a 55pcs CH-2 250V Anti-Flaming Terminal.They are the basic common electronic components that can meet the basic circuit requirements and play a very important role in circuit design and experiment.It contains different values which is especially suitable for occasions where the demand is small but there are many experimental items.



    1>.Contains multiple parameter values

    2>.Every quantity is right

    3>.Basic electronic components

    4>.Dedicated shell packaging



    1>.Product name: 55pcs CH-2 250V Anti-Flaming Terminal   

    2>.Product type:1-Kinds

    3>.The total number:55pcs

    4>.Work Temperature:-40℃~80℃

    5>.Work Humidity:10%~90%RH

    6>.Box Size:173*103*23mm



    1>.Design and experiment circuit

    2>.Beginner circuit learning

    3>.Laboratory electronic experiment

    4>.DIY design

    5>.Repair and replacement circuit


Package Listing:

    1>.55pcs CH-2 250V Anti-Flaming Terminal

    2>.1pc Plastic Box