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Tactile Push Momentary 12*12*7.3MM Micro switch button Tact Cap(5 colors) for Arduino Switch Assortment Kit 25pcs/box

  • Manufacturer: Seektronics
  • Part No.: 500044
  • SKU 500044

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Product introduction


The light touch switch is composed of embedded parts, base, shrapnel, button and cover plate to meet the conditions of operation force to switch operation direction pressure switch function closed and connected, when the revocation of pressure switch is disconnected, the total structure is to rely on the metal shrapnel force changes to achieve on-off.


(1) Square 12x12mm;

(2) Height: 7.3mm (excluding 3.5mm foot length);

(3) Four welding feet: longitudinal spacing: 12.5mm; lateral spacing: 4mm, spacing of two positioning columns: 9mm;

(4) Plunger type: (Plunger height 1.8mm) can be easily installed and directly installed on the work panel;

(5) Action force: 260gf;

(6) Rated capacity: 5-24VDC, 1-50mA;

(7) Insulation voltage: 30VDC;

(8) Contact configuration: 1 Normally open;

(9) Contact resistance: 100mΩ or less (initial value: DC5V1mA power);

(10) Insulation resistance: 100mΩ or more (DC250V);

(11) Withstand voltage: 500VAC, 50/60Hz1min;

(12) Bounce time: 5ms or less;

(13) Vibration malfunction: 10-55Hz, complex amplitude 1.5mm;

(14) Impact:

(15) Durability: more than 1000m/s2 ant about 100g or more;

(16) Malfunction: 100m/s2 or more and ant10g or more;

(17) Life: more than 1 million times;

(18) Use ambient temperature: -25 °C to 70 °C (in the absence of ice);