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2.54mm 4/6/8/10/12/16/20/40Pin Straight Single Row PCB Board Female Pin Header Socket Connector Strip Assortment Kit for Arduino 120pcs

  • Manufacturer: Seektronics
  • Part No.: 500031
  • SKU 500031

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1.Product Type: High-precision Single-row Female Plug And Socket Connector


2. Material: Insulated Plastic, Hard Metal Pin


3.Packaging: Including 1x2pin, 1x3pin, 1x4pin, 1x5pin, 1x6pin, 1x8pin, 1x10pin, 1x12pin, 1x20pin, 1x40pin total 120pcs in the box


4.Product Spacing: 2.54mm


5.Uses: Suitable For Wire Connection In The Automotive, Electrical, Medical, Internet And Other Industries.


Product Description


High Precision Single Row Female Row Pin Socket Connector With Combination Kit

Material: Insulating Plastic, Hard Metal

Product Spacing: 2.54mm

Packing Details:


<1> 1x4pin -------------- 20pcs

<2> 1x6pin -------------- 20pcs

<3> 1x8pin -------------- 20pcs

<4> 1x10pin ------------ 20pcs

<5> 1x12pin ------------ 10pcs

<6> 1x16pin ------------ 10pcs

<7> 1x20pin ------------ 10pcs

<8> 1x40pin ------------ 10pcs


Total: 120pcs