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OT/UT Multiple Size Cold Pressed Terminal 10 in 1 Boxed Fork-Shaped Round Bare End Copper Nose 320pcs

  • Manufacturer: Seektronics
  • Part No.: 500025
  • SKU 500025

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1. Rich In Size: There are 10 types of terminals in the box, which can meet the needs of most wire sizes on the market.

2. Premium Material: The terminal is made of brass, with good resistance to cold and heat, and has good corrosion resistance.

3. Light Weight. The weight of 320 terminals is about 110 grams, which is easy to carry and easy to use.

4. Easy To Store: Ten kinds of terminals can be stored in the box, which is convenient to use and not easy to lose.

5. Using Methods: Choose the appropriate terminal according to the wires size.



1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow slight deviation due to manual measurement.



Color: as picture show

Material: brass


SNB1.25-3: Wiring range:0.5-1.5mm²

SNB1.25-4: Wiring range:0.5-1.5mm²

SNB2-4: Wiring range:1.5-2.5mm²

SNB2-5: Wiring range:1.5-2.5mm²

SNB3.5-6: Wiring range:2.5-4mm²

RNB1.25-3: Wiring range:0.5-1.5mm²

RNB1.25-4: Wiring range:0.5-1.5mm²

RNB2-4: Wiring range:1.5-2.5mm²

RNB2-5: Wiring range:1.5-2.5mm²

RNB3.5-6: Wiring range:2.5-4mm²