Quality Assurance


Quality products and professional services are the interpretation of quality by Seektronics. At Seektronics, we use the "Supply Monitoring System" in the Smart Distribution System to implement quality control measures in every link of the component distribution chain to ensure the quality of our products and services. Our "Smart System" will evaluate and monitor suppliers to ensure that the products that Seektronics provides to customers are from reliable suppliers; through the human-machine collaboration to enforce strict product inspection standards to eliminate counterfeit products; The Smart System also integrates a range of effective warehousing, and logistics control to meet and exceed customer quality requirements.


Quality is the truth. Seektronics implements anti-counterfeiting programs, and in addition to the fake, Seektronics always takes "quality and zero risks" as the quality control target. Since the establishment of our company, we have maintained an excellent record of zero counterfeit and shoddy products. We are proud of our commitment to keeping our reputation and providing high-quality products to all our customers.


Seektronics teamed up with China Electronic Components Center Laboratory to conduct product quality and reliability testing to ensure 100% original genuine components.



Quality inspection process


The strict quality inspection process is the core part of the Seektronics quality control system. To ensure that customers "buy peace of mind, use with confidence," every inspection step we have established is guaranteed to implement effectively and productively. We have advanced testing procedures, professional testing equipment, and most importantly - experienced IQC engineers, professional and responsible attitude, to ensure that our customers receive world-class quality goods.


  • Step 1: External assessment


For all warehousing items, we will perform a visual inspection and make detailed inspection records.

Manufacturer, manufacturer item number, quantity, production date, and environmental standard test

Outer packaging inspection, whether the packaging is intact/complete, and whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of the corresponding MSL standards

Marking inspection, consistency inspection, check the original specifications, documentation

Appearance inspection of materials, dust condition, deformation of Pin feet, signs of oxidation of Pin feet

HS-CODE check, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information


  • Step 2: Engineer review


All materials found to suspect in the appearance inspection, or materials supplied by the "first-tier supplier" in the supplier channel non-system, must be re-inspected by the engineer.

Review appearance inspection process

Refer to the quality control database to check the manufacturer's label/identification, code identification

Barcode scanning detection

Check with the original factory lot number (Lot No.), production date, wafer/package corresponding origin

Simple electrical performance test


  • Step 3: Quality test


All goods that were not identified during the engineer's re-inspection will enter the quality testing process.

Solderability test

D-CAP analysis

Anatomical analysis

Electrical performance conformance test

The original test analysis report