Notice! From January 1, 2021, these chip manufacturers will increase their prices!

20/01/2021 Seektronics

Since August, the "domino" effect caused by the shortage of wafer capacity has gradually spread: wafers, materials, PCB boards, packaging and testing, chips, foreign ICs, and domestic chips are also in short supply and temporarily unavailable. It is understood that many major IC manufacturers have issued notices one after another: either announcing price increases, or announcing an extension of the delivery period and extension of the window period...

Since the second half of last year, the upstream foundry production capacity has been tight, especially the 8-inch wafer production capacity is extremely short, and then many foundries have raised the price of 8-inch wafer foundry, and soon 12-inch wafers Wafer production capacity has also begun to fall short of demand.


The shortage of production capacity and price increases in upstream wafer foundries, as well as the problems of rising raw material prices, have also been quickly passed to downstream packaging and testing, IC design and IDM manufacturers. In order to reduce their own cost pressure, these manufacturers have to start. Follow up with price increases.


Especially at the end of December last year, price increase letters from major manufacturers came in one after another, and one after another announced price increases starting from January 1, 2021.


Now, with the arrival of 2021, a new round of price increases has begun!


We summarizes the notices of major semiconductor manufacturers that will take effect from January 1, 2021, and hope to provide you with some valuable references.


















As mentioned earlier, many downstream chip manufacturers have increased prices, mainly due to the continued shortage of upstream foundry capacity, price increases, and the increase in the price of raw materials required for chip manufacturing and packaging and testing.

Regarding the question of when the shortage of foundry capacity will last, most industry insiders believe that it will last until the second half of next year, but there are also views that it will last until the second half of 2022.