How Do You Package A PCB? Explained

13/01/2023 Seektronics

So, what are the requirements of PCBA transportation and storage conditions? 

In order to ensure the quality of PCBA, PCBA transportation and storage should also strictly comply with the operating specifications.







Do a good job of PCBA anti-static measures, the use of appropriate containers, tools, etc.


2Use suitable transportation tools


Tools should ensure good, such as wheels, frames, etc.; abnormal should be reported in time to repair, prohibit the use of "with injury", so as to avoid the transport of semi-finished products falling, extrusion and other situations.


3Check the common tools


Transport tools, storage tools, and workstations such as storage before the operation to do a good job of cleaning, do not allow debris, slag, etc.. Avoid damage to the PCBA caused by mutual friction.


4Marking important information


Transportation, and storage of PCBA containers, and tools should be well marked on the car, and record product-related information, to avoid misplacement, mixing, etc.


5Stacking requirements


In the transportation tools, turnover area storage, and process station storage, prohibit the direct stacking between PCBA, especially in transport, direct overlapping placement, friction will lead to damage between components.


6Loading and unloading requirements


In the process of transporting and loading PCBAs, it is necessary to load and unload them in a stable and orderly manner and prohibit brutal loading and unloading.


7Prevent falling


When storing PCBA in the transportation tool and turnover area, the yard should be well protected around to avoid falling.


8Prevent friction damage


During the transportation process, pay attention to whether the road condition is good, there are no obstacles, potholes and other protrusions, to avoid damage to semi-finished products caused by vehicle bumps. The speed of transportation means should be balanced and reasonable.


9Transfer requirements


Board transfer between stations, through the conveyor belt or "hand to hand", etc., must avoid the overlap of PCBA placement, and extrusion. In the transfer and transmission, throwing and other actions are strictly prohibited.


10Dustproof requirements


PCBA should be stored in the transfer area to ensure that the storage tools are stable and well protected, and strictly limited to the specified area. The top layer should do an excellent job of dustproof and anti-drop treatment measures.


11Stacking principles


Storage should pay attention to the principles of high and low, light and heavy yardage, to avoid isolated single stacking situations.


12Prevent impact


Way channel corners, assembly line head and tail, etc., pay attention to observing other pedestrians and vehicles, to avoid other vehicles, personnel and another accidental impact, causing damage to the product.


13Prevent extrusion


PCBA should be separated from each other with a partition, and should not exceed the upper edge of the container to avoid extrusion.


14Workbench selection


For a large number of storage quantities that are not suitable for the workbench, a suitable container should be selected and placed around the operator to facilitate access to the operator.


15Abnormal treatment


When the abnormality of tools occurs in transportation, first of all, we should ensure the safety of personnel and items, and do a good job of isolation and reporting.