The latest lead time and price trend for over 50 semiconductor manufacturers in 2022

07/05/2022 Seektronics

What are the latest delivery dates and trends of various electronic components in the semiconductor industry in Q2 2022? Has the supply shortage been alleviated? Seektronics is here to put together a list of Q2 delivery dates and price trends to help you out!

Recently, the demand for smartphones, PCs, notebooks, TVs, etc. has dropped significantly, and the terminal shipment target has been lowered, with news of consumer electronics cut orders flying everywhere. Cutting orders has triggered the shock of the industry chain, upstream panel, drive IC, MCU, power management IC and a series of chains can not escape the impact,and there is even news that even distributors are eager to cut prices to sell goods to clear inventory.


But automotive and other areas of demand is still very strong, and China's outbreak repeatedly brings to the industrial chain and war factors, such as automotive MCU giant STMicroelectronics in China's Shenzhen plant due to the epidemic blockade and the loss of two weeks of production, Texas Instruments due to suppressed market demand, customer factories shutdown, but also lowered Q2 revenue expectations by 10%.