9 effective ways to improve your electronic components specification for approval

04/06/2021 Seektronics



1. Let purchasers find manufacturers to provide specifications, safety information, environmental protection information, insurance information - E-document


2. Verify that the information is true and complete, such as the applicable period of the document, so as not to be fooled by the manufacturer.


3. Let the buyer find the manufacturer to provide samples, specifications, safety information, environmental information, insurance information - Paper files


4. Environmental test: send several samples to the environmental laboratory for ROSH halogen test.


5. Electrical specifications and high-temperature testing - e.g. electrolytic capacitors

A: measuring capacity and deviation withstand voltage, PIN foot tin is good

B: go through the production line to see if the capacitors are deformed after the high temperature of the furnace and if the capacity and the deviation voltage are okay.


6. Body size check - e.g. electrolytic capacitors.

Body height and diameter, PIN pin spacing, PIN pin diameter, take a few more to the PCB to see if the DIP is smooth.


7. Quantity test: throw several batches of material to trial production several times, to see whether there is anything abnormal.


8. If the environmental protection test, electrical test, structural size inspection, quantity test are no problem, and safety regulations, environmental protection, insurance information is true and complete, you can admit this material. Samples and acknowledgment in triplicate, for the manufacturer, warranty and CE.


9. It is best to ask the manufacturer to sign a guarantee that the safety, environmental and insurance information is true, and that they will be jointly and severally liable for any misrepresentation that results in the loss of the device. If the company uses the device, they will be jointly and severally liable for the loss.