Why do assembly factories require minimum order quantities and not willing to accept small order?

21/05/2021 Seektronics

Many people have encountered the situation of being rejected for small quantities when asking about SMT, and most of the reasons given for the rejection are "small quantities are not cost-effective" and "High start-up losses". What are the so-called losses?




Before SMT processing, you need to do the same preliminary work as when you receive a large order, such as SMT machine programming, PCB positioning, start the first piece of confirmation of this type. In the case of a small amount, the so-called loss, more is the loss of time. Because in the same time, the production efficiency of SMT with large processing volume is higher, so as not to waste time on the preliminary work after a morning or a day of production. And in the machine in and out of the time, so we prefer to receive the kind of area is not very large, but the patch point is very concentrated, so that both high efficiency, but also greatly save a variety of labor costs, machine losses, etc.


To quote the boss of the factory, "the quantity is so small that it can be finished in one morning, and I have to spend another morning to help you locate (pre-work)" Therefore, in the case of a small quantity, the so-called loss is more of a loss of time. The high cost of time is naturally not cost effective. The main reason is that many small things do not make money, which is indeed the reason why many factories are not willing to do small orders. So a small amount of price is naturally high, so also hope that small amount of customers can understand.





Each manufacturer's management costs are different, some manufacturers will choose to meet their users, some manufacturers specialize in serving some large customer cooperation, because they are large, stable orders, relatively speaking, single product profits will not be too high, to grab some number of large customers do not have to worry about bulk orders.


So what about the small orders we have in hand? Seektronics is doing just the opposite, they have high-speed smt machines to meet the needs of small businesses with fast R&D and small studio products, starting from one piece. Welcome your inquiry to [email protected]